Official Oktoberfest Lederhosen – 495 Euro

Picked up a discussion on Toytown Germany, an English-language forum about official Oktoberfest lederhosen

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This is a nice mashup between flickr and Google maps and quite hypnotic. Each time a photo gets uploaded to flickr, it displays it on a map where it came from.
Check out flickrvision here.

Rune Goldberg machine clips

I used to love watching clips of Rube Goldberg machines and here is a compilation of 20 from Japan that I got from a pointer from Very Short List . Enjoy and relive a little nostalgia from your youth (if you are somewhat as old as I am!).


I bought jPod when I bought the newspaper this morning. I’ve already finished the newspaper and am half way through it. It’s wonderful so far, just like Microserfs was.