Wonderful song by a great man.

Roberto Carlos e Tom Jobim cantam Ligia (som excelente).


Nice post from Drumm. The comments are interesting too.

Now, if you’re with me so far you’ll get that I’m describing the yesses and nos of attraction. Straightforward stuff, really. But dating, as I interpret it, is not straightforward. Dating is neither yes nor no. Dating is maybe.

Art of Noise – Moments in Love

Art Of Noise – Moments In Love, a nice piece of nostalgia from the 1980’s.

The IT Crowd

Out in the pub last night, the subject of classic tv comedies came up. I thought this is a particularly great episode of the IT Crowd.

The IT Crowd – Series 2 – Episode 1 – Work Outing 1/3

Ronnie Drew with the Dubliners

The Dubliners – In The Rare Old Times

Dubliners singer Ronnie Drew dies at 73

Rest in peace Ronnie.

Phelps meal on video

The Guardian’s Jon Henley tries Michael Phelps’ diet on video.