Irish beer in a Finnish supermarket

€14 for 4 cans of Guinness? In a supermarket? Yes in Helsinki.

Pre-exam beer

Last minute revision for level 3. Positive and negative perfect and imperfect.

Sunday coffee

Having a coffee with a great view of Helsinki at Cafe Java. Time to start studying for the Finnish exam on Tuesday.

Kirkko Helsingissa

It’s wonderful to see spring approaching. You may remember I took a photograph of this church when the snow was heavy. Now the snow is almost gone. Let’s hope it’s a great summer!

Credo unloading


Unloading the ship Credo at Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Lunch at Aangan

I love lunch on Thursdays at Aangan , the chicken korma is delicious.

Cartoon Characters in Minimalist LEGO Form

Saw this today on petepixel. It’s amazing knowing the context of the images, how easy it is too guess what they are with minimal colour information and relative size.
More images can be seen at the link below.

Photos of Famous Cartoon Characters in Minimalist LEGO Form