Náměstí míru

One of my favourite places in Prague, náměstí míru. Just around the corner from the language school where I worked.


The Problem with Facebook

Interesting video on the issues with visibility of posts on Facebook.

The Thirsty Dog – Prague 1993

Just heard a podcast about Prague in the early 1990’s. So many memories of the city and the atmosphere at that time. The Czech Republic had just split from Czechoslovakia and I had the feeling that it was going to be an interesting time and wanted to be a part of it.

Here is a photo I took in the Thirsty Dog in May 1993. It was coming up to the end of term working with London School in Belgicka and about to take off to summer camp. In the photo is an Irish guy called Kieran O’Sullivan, a Scottish guy called Davy, two Norwegian guys and I think the guy on the far left was German. After drinking there, we headed to Repre Club downstairs for a long night until 6am when it would close and we could get the metro home. The song I remember that was always played was “Loser” by Beck.


And no, I didn’t meet Nick Cave.

Ready for work


Beached Whale

One sad victim of the Christmas storms was this Fin Whale that was washed onto Keel beach. It remained there for a few days before it was buried on the sand.