Instagram Conditions and the new Flickr app #Instagram #Flickr

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I haven’t used Instagram a lot for sharing photos although I do like going through the photos of my contacts. Today they announced they updated their terms and conditions which has resulted in the internet going crazy. One of the best posts I read was on Business Insider.

If you want to stop social networking services from exploiting your likeness for advertising, you’ve got to start paying up.

Within the article, a reference was made to a post last year from the founder of which basically boiled everything into “Don’t be a free user”.

So stop getting caught off guard when your favorite project sells out! “They were getting so popular, why did they have to shut it down?” Because it’s hard to resist a big payday when you are rapidly heading into debt. And because it’s culturally acceptable to leave your user base high and dry if you get a good offer, citing self-inflicted financial hardship.

So where does that leave everyone? Well, there is an alternative that offers a paid option for enhanced membership. Co-incidentally, they also added a new app this week that rivals Instagram in design and surpasses it in interoperability with other sites.Yes, it’s Flickr. Nice that they include a post clarifying the ownership and rights of photos

In fact, when you upload to Flickr you set the kind of license that you want to apply to the photos, ‘All Rights Reserved’ is the default, or you can select one of the many flavors ofCreative Commons licenses. The choice is yours and you maintain control over how your photo can be used by others. If you want to make your photo available for use by everybody in the world, license it using Getty Images, or to license it to a fancy magazine, it’s up to you..

New version of Flickr App

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New version of Flickr iOS App copies Instagram.

Marissa Mayer is taking action on revitalising Yahoo with this update to the Flickr App. Is it soon enough? Let’s see but the app looks good!

Unlike Instagram, Flickr provides support for Twitter, in addition to Facebook, Tumblr, and email.

Smart move in expanding the reach of the to as many other portals as possible.

Sleeping with the enemy – Getting in Bed with Gadgets #insomnia #sleep

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New studies show that not only are most people sleeping with their smartphones in the bed with them, they’re also struggling to sleep well, even if they don’t realize it. Not only does the light from your gadgets suppress sleep-inducing melatonin, there’s a good chance that you’ve been woken up by a call or text message in the middle of the night recently.

Badgets in Bed Infographic

A Simple Primer on Photoshop

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Petapixel feature a simplified guide to getting started in Photoshop which was developed by photographer Devon Mikale.
Lots of graphics that illustrate many of the most commonly used options. There is also a downloadable pdf available on the site.

Wish I had something like this 15 years ago!