Wash your hands well and often – A Cool Experiment Shows How Bacteria is eliminated by soap and water.


Sometimes, pictures illustrate a point really well. Do you think you wash your hands often enough? Or that hand sanitizer is effective?

"At the beginning of winter, when flu season had just started, Jaralee Metcalf, a behavioral specialist from Idaho Falls Elementary School, shared that she was tired of always being sick. Although the spread of bacteria in her class was inevitable, she wanted to show the kids why they needed to wash their hands to kill germs."

Read the whole article and see all the pictures of bread here.


Is investing like gambling? Should you get into investing right now? Watch this video for a clear explanation about where the market is right now and what ordinary investors should do.

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So many interviews on financial television is full of bullshit, meaningless nothingness or jargon filled inability to communicate anything useful.

Just came across this interview with Howard Marks on Bloomberg and it was amazing to hear answers that was clear and direct to the questions that were asked.

Is it a good time to get into the market? Risk is higher now because the market has been on a bull run for a long time.

Is investing like gambling? Investing relies on four factors. Information, luck, timing and skill.

What if you don’t have skill or information? In the past, mutual funds were paid over 1% in fees. However, they have shown that generally they don’t beat the market. So invest in index funds aka ETFs.

Watch the video here.

Some things take time to get used to but always try something new constantly


A year ago, I got myself a midi keyboard. I was always a huge electronic music fan and had always wanted to try some things out in that space. I came across it as I was searching for a Christmas present for one of my goddaughters. After I had gotten it and given it to her, I wanted one for myself.

Then came the process of experimenting, watching loads of YouTube videos and of course, taking long breaks. With me, it’s an iterative long process learning something new and going through peaks and troughs of enthusiasm.
But now I’ve made a breakthrough in terms of learning music theory and chords and scales. It’s the combination of watching the deconstruction videos on YouTube and using Beatmaker on the iPad and then iterating back to the Arturia Minilab. There isn’t anything that is any good so far but now I can see possibilities instead of searching around in the dark.
So my humble advice is to play around and enjoy the peaks and take breaks in the troughs of enthusiasm for learning something new. It’s the journey that is fun.

Here is the link

Margin Call – still a hell of a film


Binging a lot of Amazon Prime video stuff before my membership expires in a few days. Didn’t realize how many great shows are on there.Bridget & Eamonn (really funny if you know 1980s Ireland)
Faking it (early 2000s reality show, photographers still using film)
And then there is Margin Call, fantastic cast, great script, intelligent filmmaking. I would love to watch more films like that to show the world of business in a way that the public can understand. Like the way Jeremy Irons character tells Zachary Quinto to explain the financial problem as if he were telling it to a small child or dog. Another aspect was that the main actor from the Netflix show You plays a junior analyst in the film.
One other show I rewatched was Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations show about his visit to Helsinki in winter. I’m not such a big foodie but that episode is still really enjoyable to this day.
Okay, I need to stop watching so much great shows and films but that’s my recommendations for today.

Not like winter in Helsinki

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The weather has been far too mild in Helsinki so far this year. Only a few days of snow earlier in the season. Nothing like the problems in Australia of course. Taking a walk in the centre during the weekend, even the market stalls don’t seem to fit the atmosphere.

Enjoying the James May travel series in Japan on Amazon Prime. Recommended!

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Japan is a fascinating place and I have loved visiting there. I would have loved to have lived there for a while but alas, it wasn’t possible. I’m thinking of going back there again this year. I just saw that James May of Top Gear fame has done a travel documentary on Amazon Video. I’m halfway through it and have really enjoyed it.

Loved the bits in Tokyo and Sendai so far.

I should start looking for flights soon…