RIP Purple One

Prince in concert in Zurich - August 17 2011
Prince in concert

Incredibly sad news today about Prince.

So many shocks this year but this one ranks along Bowie, at least for me.

If I had to pick one song by Prince – Money Don’t Matter 2 Night


Wichita Lineman

Just heard this podcast about the song “Wichita Lineman”, one of the first songs that I loved.

The podcast documents the history of the song, how it was written and who had covered it. It turned me on to  the songwriter Jimmy Webb who also wrote “MacArthur Park”.


Link to the podcast on the BBC

Link to the podcast on Soundcloud

All I Do

Have you ever had a song that you couldn’t name? I was at a jazz soul concert in Tallinn months ago and the band played one song that I had known before but hadn’t known the artist of the name of the song. At the time I took a short video of the song but couldn’t make out the lyrics or the name of the song. I lacked the foresight to go up to the band and ask the name of the song at the time. It was only when I was reviewing the photos and videos from the trip that I came across the song again and listened to the video .

I listened to the lyrics and thought they sounded in the following order:

Loving without you

Living without you

Then again, it was sung by non-English native speakers but I thought such a great song couldn’t be that hidden. Could it? I searched Youtube, spotify, 7digital, Amazon but with no result.

Until tonight.

While finding an old Stevie Wonder song, I found that he released a kind of Greatest Hits package in 2000.  - At The Close Of A Century

I went through various songs until I found it. The song that I had been searching for. All I Do.

Spotify Link

Stevie Wonder – All I Do



You’re welcome. 😉