Too much self contemplation?

This article in the New Scientist finds self absorbtion disappears when concentrating on a task.

Everybody has experienced a sense of “losing oneself” in an activity – being totally absorbed in a task, a movie or sex. Now researchers have caught the brain in the act.

Self-awareness, regarded as a key element of being human, is switched off when the brain needs to concentrate hard on a tricky task, found the neurobiologists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

Sheep Advertising

Sheep Advertising

This is ingenious. Coming from the west of Ireland, farmers typically using markings on sheep to identify them on mountains when they are free-grazing. However we make money not art shows sheep in the Nethelands with advertising jackets. I’m wondering if there is an angle that Google can exploit….

DIY Digital Photo Frame

This is really cool and something that I have thought about for a long time. How to display digital photos and get them to change just like a screensaver (for this you can try gphotoshow or slickr). The article shows how to take an old laptop equiped with wifi and upload photos remotely. I would try this for my own mother except that Ireland isn’t the best place to get a broadband connection.

Help win the bet

This is yet another ingenious idea of how to attract people to a strange website. was put together after an argument by a guy whose girlfriend didn’t think that he could develop a website that would attract 2 million unique hits. Basically, the girl made a bet that either the guy would wear a t-shirt that displayed a message saying he was an idiot or she would agree to a threesome. The counter at the bottom of the page is already at more than 2 and a half million. I wonder where he is going to find the other girl…..

The move is done

Well, the move to a new web hosting service was not as straightforward as I had assumed. I had to maintain this site on the old hosting provider for an extra couple of months while I sorted out php incompatibilities between the providers. There is one site that I currently redesigning and once that is finished, I can return to new development.