Too much self contemplation?

Thought Provoking

This article in the New Scientist finds self absorbtion disappears when concentrating on a task.

Everybody has experienced a sense of “losing oneself” in an activity – being totally absorbed in a task, a movie or sex. Now researchers have caught the brain in the act.

Self-awareness, regarded as a key element of being human, is switched off when the brain needs to concentrate hard on a tricky task, found the neurobiologists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

DIY Digital Photo Frame

Groundbreaking, Photography, Tech

This is really cool and something that I have thought about for a long time. How to display digital photos and get them to change just like a screensaver (for this you can try gphotoshow or slickr). The article shows how to take an old laptop equiped with wifi and upload photos remotely. I would try this for my own mother except that Ireland isn’t the best place to get a broadband connection.

Help win the bet


This is yet another ingenious idea of how to attract people to a strange website. was put together after an argument by a guy whose girlfriend didn’t think that he could develop a website that would attract 2 million unique hits. Basically, the girl made a bet that either the guy would wear a t-shirt that displayed a message saying he was an idiot or she would agree to a threesome. The counter at the bottom of the page is already at more than 2 and a half million. I wonder where he is going to find the other girl…..