Achill Island off season video – One Shot Adventures

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Loved this video and saw it come up again on my YouTube feed. Posted it before on Twitter but wanted to put it here on my blog. Really nice shots of some parts of Achill even if other parts of the island were missed.

Irish Examiner needs a geography lesson


Related to an article about Conor Cruise O’Brien’s red bias in RTE. Perhaps the letter was a deliberate fake if they are quoting from the address on the letter. Some of the passages are hilarious in which case, if it was taken seriously, geography lessons should have been required much further up the line.

Writing on March 20, 1978, Joseph O’Reilly of Achill Island, Co Galway, wrote that he wished “to draw [the taoiseach’s] attention to the news coverage by RTÉ particularly on television, of the French elections”.